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Hands-on review: TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio

As impressed as we were with the TomTom Runner and Multi-Sport, it was obvious at the time that there was plenty of room for improvement. A year later and TomTom is refreshing its watches with the new "Cardio" versions, which bring all the familiar features of the first two

Hands-on review: Olloclip 4-in-1 iPhone lens

Believe it or not, there’s a world of iPhone photography beyond food, cats and one’s own face. The iPhone 5 has a shockingly capable camera, and since the iPhone 5S can shoot 120fps for quality slow motion, so there’s potential for real visual drama. But if you wan’t an

Review: Toshiba Encore

Overview Let’s not beat about the bush here; the market that the Toshiba Encore tablet is launching into isn’t too healthy at the moment. While sales of tablet PCs themselves are in rude health – the iPad Air and Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 are doing very well, whilst small-form

Review: Toshiba Satellite M50-A-11C

Overview A significant chunk of the laptop market is still taken up by traditional notebooks that trounce Ultrabooks with larger screens, more versatile specifications and lower prices than many of Intel’s hyped-up machines can currently match. The Satellite M50-A-11C is the latest such system to arrive on the TechRadar

Review: Sony KDL-50W829

Introduction and features The KDL-50W829 may seem an unglamorous mid-range offering from Sony, but with a full armoury of features including Smart connectivity, 3D compatibility and a picture processor that punches well above its weight (although you’d never guess it). Also available in 42- and 55-inch guises (aka the

Review: Oppo N1

Introduction Smartphone newcomer Oppo arrived from nowhere to win the hearts of Android enthusiasts last year, with the Oppo Find 5 offering decent performance and selling for an impressive price. It was a good start for the previously unknown firm. Now Oppo’s gunning for the more glamorous, barn-door sized

Review: Samsung Galaxy Young

Introduction and design When it comes to the modern smartphone, there are two manufacturers that manage to stand head and shoulders above the rest. Both Apple and Samsung have managed to take the mobile market by storm with their own takes on what should be in your pocket. Unsurprisingly

Review: Roccat Kave XTD review

Sound cards in gaming PCs, save for serious audiophiles, have largely been rendered irrelevant by motherboards with more than passable sound chips. Ailing bassheads could just try and cram a sound card into their gaming rigs, but German peripheral peddler Roccat has another idea. This is the Kave XTD